Sunday, 23 September 2007

Nervous leopards and playful lioness

New female leopard is quite playful. She looks quite tamed, but you must be very cautious and never put your hand near the fence! She put her paw very easily through those fence rings and if she is not in the right mood, playing can and up in disaster! Today lioness was very playful. I don't believe, that she was aggressive, but if there was no fence, I would not be there...

Roaring in Ljubljana ZOO

Today it was quite an interesting morning in Ljubljana ZOO. It was foggy and cold morning, so I knew there would not be a lot of visitors, so I was at the gate before ZOO opening time. My main "task" was to make a video with lion roaring. When I was near wolfs cage, I heard some very load and odd roaring. I know how lion's roaring sound like, but that roaring was at completely different level. I went to lions cage to check it out. And then it started all over again. I do warn you. It's loud!

I figure it out, what to do with this blog!

It will be my "video" blog! Beside my Nikon D80 I own also Canon A85 compact camera and I use it as my "video camera". Nikon for photography, Canon for video.

who said, that Nikon and Canon don't mix