Sunday, 23 September 2007

Roaring in Ljubljana ZOO

Today it was quite an interesting morning in Ljubljana ZOO. It was foggy and cold morning, so I knew there would not be a lot of visitors, so I was at the gate before ZOO opening time. My main "task" was to make a video with lion roaring. When I was near wolfs cage, I heard some very load and odd roaring. I know how lion's roaring sound like, but that roaring was at completely different level. I went to lions cage to check it out. And then it started all over again. I do warn you. It's loud!


Jus Medic said...

:) štala....sam tole je blo pa glasno...čudn da me niso zbudil, k blizu žvim :P

Pero said...

Uff eden najlepših zvokov na svetu. Seveda je za pravo doživetje treba biti tam...Nisem bil že dolgo tam. Priznam, pogrešam že malo te zvoke.

Škoda da jih nisi ujel v duetu tisto je res noro. Ali pa ko se pridruži še leopard...Si vedel da se v divjini levji zvok širi do 5 km daleč (ali celo milj, samo mislim da km)?

Tudi tigrovo, malo bolj mukajoče rjovenje je zakon...

stane c. said...

Se ne vidi oz sliši najbolje, ampak, slonica je preglasila oba. Tiger se je tudi nekaj oglašal, ampak proti levo zveni kot muca hehe.

Peter, vem ja. Že od malih nog prebiram in gledam vse kar je v zvezi z živalmi.

Anonymous said...

Wow! thank you.

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