Tuesday, 21 August 2007

Is Nikon FF camera a must have?

Let's get those, who need or want better IQ, brighter and larger viewfinder, less DOF, real wide-end, and own high-end primes and zooms, out of the picture. They are not part of that question. There is a lot of buzz on the net, regarding new Nikon pro camera. Would it be FF or not? Well, what do I care? I don't need one. Really. I don't. I am satisfied with my Nikon D80. Why? Well, for starter, all lens weaknesses are more visible with FF sensor and on my Nikon D80, most of that weaknesses are gone. Am I prepared to pay much more for lens, only to receive same IQ? No, I'm not. Don't tell me, you plan to mount that under 1.000€ standard zoom lens on FF body? Do I really need less DOF while shooting with tele lens? Nope. Or do I need less DOF at all? Sometimes. Maybe we should ask Peter about this. Am I prepared to pay really big bucks to reach that 400m or 500mm at f/4 for a hobby of mine? I am not. I can't, to be more correct. For me, IQ from Sigma 100-300mm f/4 HSM or Nikkor AF-S 300mm f/4 is all I need in crop world. In FF world, what would equal this? That same Nikkor or Sigma with 1,4TC. Or how many mm prime? Oh, that much. Of course you can always crop FF pictures, but would be quite a crop.
What are my wishes? Well, camera with 12-14MP 1,5 crop sensor, with better or at least equal high ISO noise as Nikon D80, improved dynamic range. I really don't need FF camera. Maybe, just maybe 1,3 crop. I believe that would be a nice compromise. Maybe...

Pictures below were taken today at Lj ZOO.

250mm, f/5, ISO 800- no crop

300mm, f/5, ISO 800-no crop

With FF camera tiger will be a lot smaller.

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sekundek said...

Sem imel v mislih podobno debato na temo FF. Morda pa res kaj napišem. Sicer pa po parih prebranih člankih, sem uvidel vse tegobe FF in čare crop-a.